In my Drawing for Animation class at CCA, for our final we were asked to do a concept for either a video game, graphic novel, movie, or tv series. 
I teamed up with my friend Babak Sadaat and decided to create a video game concept. 
One of my responsabilities was to fully design the backgrounds for the game levels. 
The major theme of the game, was that each level contained a major human emotion that was affecting it. In this level the human emotion is Grief. 
I decided to make this level more intreseting, instead of the level being in an already sad and dark enviroment, I chose to pick a location that is commonly known as beautiful, soothing, and happy. 
I picked a tropical island, and with the help of the following process I was able to turn it into a sad gloomy level. 
Sketch Planning
Figuring out the props and the way the crying volcano will look like. 
Topology and a elevation study.
Brain storming ideas for the game dynamics and features.
A Final detailed sketch for the size, style, and the general look for the Level.
 Digital Planning
Quick photoshop sketch to determine the in game look of the level.
Expand the level for a better side scroller representation of the level. 
Color Studies
A study for the main color theme of the environment
A color study of the flora on a tropical island
The Final process
Sky clouds and water
Background and the Crying Volcano
The islands that the character will play across.
Add the out of focus foreground, or overlay.
Finally do a color correction, add the rain effect with a misty feel, and finally a movable screen with a HUD for the character.
Final Conceptual in-Game shots
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